Dental MarketingLike other businesses, dental and medical practices should use creativity to attract new patients. One easy way to do this is by sending out mailers. New residents as well as those who have recently had medical or dental work may be looking for a new dentist or doctor. Getting an attractive and informative letter or brochure in the mail, outlining the medical or dental services can be a good way to people to think about using your services. An even more basic way to advertise is through signage. A picture of a large tooth advertising the name, office hours and contact information for a children’s dentist, is one example of eye-catching signage. Additionally, a medical doctor might use a sign with unique font in order to garner the attention of potential new patients.

Today, the internet affords another effective means of advertising. Medical and dental offices can have listing in websites like Superpages.com or Yellow Book.com. Offices may also have sidebars that appear when a person visits a medical or health-related website such as Naturalsmiles.com. Alternatively, the clinic or dental office ad could appear randomly when they check their email or Facebook page. The very best marketing that a medical or dental professional can achieve on the internet is good reviews. More traditional means of marketing like newspaper ads can also be used, although it can be rather expensive.

Another effective, albeit relatively high-priced means of advertising involves the use of billboards and TV ads; billboard ads can cost $700 to $2500 a day, according to entrepreneurial website Gaebler.com. Due to the limitations of this mode of advertising there should be a small amount of text and more visuals on the actual board. The billboard should also be strategically placed so that people most likely to be potential customers would see it. For instance, if you are a doctor who specializes in plastic surgery, an expensive form of medical treatment that only a select group of people use, it might be a good idea to place the billboard by a roadway located near an affluent area. Conversely, if you a successful general practitioner with reasonable rates who wants more patients than placing a billboard in popular area traveled by large group of people with varying economic backgrounds would be a good idea. TV ads can be similarly placed, with ads for expensive or specialized medical treatments airing during high-end real estate programming. Meanwhile, clinic ads for a general practitioner or a family dentist could air during regular programming or a popular local show.